Friday, July 24, 2015

At the beach

I spoke this evening at length with a dear friend that lives on the coast.  As we talked, his words took me back several decades to when I lived near there.
Oh, the reality of God in that place...

Walking down the coast.

Only God to boast
about the glory here-
feel Him o so near!

The waves, they churn and crash;

against the land they splash!
Along entire shore
they whisper and they roar!

God's almighty hand-

that line drawn in the sand!
"This far and no more..."
Life is NOT a bore!

The excitement of walking along the beach...

How many are the wonders, lessons and parables to be obtained by being in this place?  How very real is the Presence of God here in this place that is never settled?
Find out for yourself as you experience Him here at the beach!

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