Monday, July 6, 2015


Ministering to people all day.
As I finally get home, there is a perfect breeze frolicking with the trees, the scorching sun of earlier is hidden behind cooling clouds, and my heart cries out

"You are mighty!  You are holy!
You are King of Kings!
You are above creation all--
for life, to You it sings!
Blessed even be Your Name-
above all every name!
Now and then and all eternal,
God--You are the same!!

Jesus, Jesus, Lord to me
and Master over all,
in the triumph, in the terror,
only You we call!
For there is not another upon
Whom we can depend,
and we will trust in You until
all time comes to an end!

Mighty, holy Majesty,
o You are God alone!
Father, Son and Holy Spirit-
Unity be known!
Taking care of all of us
because we are Your Own;
mighty, holy, loving Jesus,
Your grace--it is known!!"

What a blessing it is to walk slowly with the Lord as the day winds down.  What a wonder it is to behold His very handiwork as you reflect upon the day that He has blessed you with.
Do not ever overlook such opportunity!

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