Friday, July 31, 2015

Tougher times

I had to minister to someone today.  He was ridiculing someone for not only not believing the way that he does, but for practicing manners and proper etiquette in a world that, as he put it, doesn't even recognize them.
I thought of the incident as I was praying this evening and writing today's message:

So many words roll off the tongue,
which ones are from the heart?
So many attitudes exist-
which ones drive us apart?
So many are the places that
we worship...but then why?
So many things that Love can solve-
why don't we even try?

"I can't go to your church,
you speak that 'funny' way!"
"I can't associate with you,
that music that you play!"
"I can't be seen with you!  What will
my congregation say?"
All the while, the tears well up
in Him Who is THE WAY!

"So many words roll off my tongue,
make sure, Lord, they're anointed.
So many places I can find You-
make sure I'm appointed.
So many places filled with people;
God, please take me there-
the words, the love, the Life You are,
oh, help me freely share!"

Please pray for me that I will rise above the things that may not matter much, and that Christ in me may be a stabilizing force in an unstable world.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Peace before

Atop a rolling hill before
the sun peeks over the east-
unto but every sense it is
a quite abundant feast!

How wonderful is peace that is
dependent on no 'thing;'
present from celebration to
the greatest suffering!
How wonderful is peace that is
secure within the heart-
such peace, it has a Name- it's
Jesus Christ--how great Thou art!!
Such peace is deep, secure within
regardless of the day!
That Peace is Who I turn to when
the world goes astray.
Such Peace is, too, the One I call
when all is going right;
and there, we Two so often are,
enjoying great delight!

How wonderful, that perfect Peace
with day upon the rise.
He walks with me and talks with me
as I behold the skies!
Already He assures me that
He has my day secure;
assuring that, no matter what,
He'll cause me to endure!

Therefore, atop the rolling hill,
just moments before the sun,
I savor every morning sight
with knowledge that We've won!

Blessed assurance.
How wonderful it is to KNOW that Jesus is in control before I even step out the door!
How wonderful to know that He has already ordered and ordained the things that I will do and say today!
All I must do is be obedient.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Once more the unknown-
so little being shown;
go forward, though, we must!
It all requires trust.

I cannot see ahead,

but I KNOW we are led!
The path is firmly set,

and to that place we'll get!

The unknown, it is known

to Him upon the throne!
To Him do we belong,
therefore, there is a song!

Do you know that song?  The words and lyrics are placed within when we turn our hearts over to Jesus.  Holy Spirit comes to life within to be that guiding force that enables us to face the unknown and not fear it!
So many issues and situations rise and fall in all of our lives.  God, firmly established in our hearts, provides the stability needed for those ups-and-downs.  He is also the words and music of that glorious song!!


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Gone again

How fortunate and blessed are them that have all of their family near and 'available' at a moment's notice.  Those were "the good old days!"
With family dynamics the way they are these days, the children must find careers wherever they can find them.  Often, that means quite a distance from 'home.'

On the road once more.
"Success" is what it's for?
Here we go again-
she won't be back 'til 'when?'

What a blessing when she gets a break.
What a gift, the time that she does take
to make her way back home whenever she can-
the fun we have is more than any 'plan!'

Yes, there she goes once more.
That daughter we adore!
She's so successful there,
and we keep her in prayer!

If you are in a place where your kids still live near you, ENJOY THEM!  God may choose to bless them with employment that is far away.  I promise you will miss them!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Healing freedom!

"Thank You, Lord, for saving me, healing me, blessing me and filling me with Your Holy Spirit!!  Because of that,

"I am healed, I am whole-

nothing hinders life!"
Years ago, I cried out "JESUS!"
and He took all strife!
Many years before that,
(even centuries ago!)
He cried out "IT IS FINISHED!" greater
healing for to know!
Because I am alive in Him
and He's alive in me,
I can have the confidence
that His Blood makes me free!
Free of the infirmities
and trials of the day?
No, but free of the afflictions of
the soul that be at bay!
The freedom in the healing that
is constant in His Own!
Surrender unto Jesus and,
in your life, this be known!!
Plenty to embezzle, oh,
but naught to penetrate
that Crimson shield around Your life
from Christ, so good and great!

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!  There are words...sentences...verses that could go on and on and on extolling the wonders and the benefits of Him and the life that serves Him!  But they remain only words unless You ask Him into Your heart and Holy Spirit makes it all alive!  Do you know that life for yourself?  All you have to do is call out to Him today!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

I don't understand!

"If you cannot explain it, it is probably not good for you..."
How many of us have missed out on "living" by clinging too tightly to that line?

"So much much more...
superior by far
is the life that You provide
and the gift YOU ARE!!
That which we receive from You
it is so very wonderful
and very far from "plain!"
Though I cannot describe You or
put Your ways into word,
it still remains the greatest "thing"
in this life that's occurred!
For I can do my very best,
Your wonder to convey,
and still not touch the mystery
"the Truth, the Life, the Way!" 

Untouchable is Father God,
the Spirit and the Son,
but they are ever-reaching out,
inviting us "Be one!"
So many are the blessings that
we CANNOT understand!
Blessings, o so beautiful-
the way that God has planned!

Have you avoided God because you saw or heard something that you just cannot understand?  Please don't let that rob you of a relationship with Him!  There are so many things that God gives me that I cannot explain.  I would embezzle my heart if I only accepted from Him that which I could explain!  God is so much more than that!


What goes on before life wakes up?  Life is going on, of course!  But what determines the quality of that life?

Beautiful beginning of the day.
Rising of the sun not far away.
Now, the rays be reaching o so far,
taking captive all the clouds that are!
Rolling hills and fields awaiting light...
songs upon the wing enjoying flight...
early, early, o that blessed choir,
and God to orchestrate the morn entire!

So beautiful, the early, early day
with Him Who is the Truth, the Life, the Way!
Every part of life accentuate!
God--so very good, so very great!

God's beautiful morning.
If we all could rise with that mindset, and talk to Him before we do anything else, how much better could life be in all of the issues and events the day contains?

Friday, July 24, 2015

At the beach

I spoke this evening at length with a dear friend that lives on the coast.  As we talked, his words took me back several decades to when I lived near there.
Oh, the reality of God in that place...

Walking down the coast.

Only God to boast
about the glory here-
feel Him o so near!

The waves, they churn and crash;

against the land they splash!
Along entire shore
they whisper and they roar!

God's almighty hand-

that line drawn in the sand!
"This far and no more..."
Life is NOT a bore!

The excitement of walking along the beach...

How many are the wonders, lessons and parables to be obtained by being in this place?  How very real is the Presence of God here in this place that is never settled?
Find out for yourself as you experience Him here at the beach!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Jesus...only Jesus!

Many years ago, I had one of those "Aha!" moments.  I was in high school and one of my English teachers was trying to get me to stop writing about Jesus and learn to write "anything else!"  It was quite a discipline to change something that I had done since I was about eight years old.  He finally coaxed me into writing on other subjects.  For several years following, I noticed that where I had once written almost daily, now I was only writing once in a while.  Then, looking back, there was almost three years where I had written nothing at all!
Once I made a conscious decision to write only for and about God, the words started flowing once again!  They were anointed once again.  The subjects that I wrote about upon encouragement of others I no longer desired to write about!  It has been only God and His wonders since then.  He is so faithful with leading, inspiration, encouragement and guidance.
Have you got a talent?  Do you have any special skills that would be called "God-given?"  Then make a decision to dedicate them to God and use them for His glory!  He will see that you are recompensed for it!

"Jesus, Jesus, all for You,
and no one else at all!
Obedient unto Your lead,
faithful to the Call!
Whatever talent I possess
came from You anyway!
You are the reason I advance
upon the Narrow Way!

Jesus, Jesus, all for You-
I dedicate once more
the talents You have given me
and those You have in store.
It is for YOUR glory that
these words fall into place;
it is for their benefit
that I record Your grace!"

I challenge you today to use your talents and your skills to glorify God and bring people closer to Jesus Christ today and every day!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Quiet time

In some circles, the busier you are with church and "churchy" things, the better.  But what does God's Word say?

"Be still," we are commanded in
the fast-lane that is life!
Quiet time is key amidst
activities, so rife!
With all the voices that exist
but One are we to seek
and that requires us to set
aside a time unique!
Before I even rise I have
a list upon my mind.
Already is there, oh so new,
a schedule to find.
But where, upon that schedule
is time for God alone-
time without activity
with just His Presence known?

"Be still and know that I am God,"
so clear His Living Word!
In that place of silence there
is so much to be heard!
Seen and known and certain is
His Presence in that place;
and it is His delight to be
the only One I face!

So many activities compete for our time.  The deeper we get into the latter days, the more there is to distract us and steal us away from God.  WE CANNOT LET IT!!  We must continue to honor that "sweet hour of prayer" that contains so many benefits, not the least of which be one-on-one time with Jesus Christ!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Glory and honor and praise!!

O worship Him, praise Him and thank Him daily for Who He is and what He does...seen and unseen!

Glory and honor and praise-
worthy is He Who was slain!
Our hands and our voices to raise
over and over again!
The Son of the Father, the Father the Son,
He is exalted on high!
"And, with the Spirit, they all are One!"
Our lives and the Word testify!

Glory and honor and praise-
worthy is He Who arose!
We have a choice to accept Him,
yet WE are the ones that He chose!
The Prince of Peace, the King of kings,
He is our victory, aye!
He cometh within to rid us of sin
and give what none else may supply!

Glory and honor and praise!
Worthy is He Who awaits!
Soon, He's returning to take us
'yond, oh, the Heavenly Gates!
King supernal, reign eternal
where no one ever shall die;
for He is preparing a place for us each
where we shall finally fly!!

"Glory and honor and praise..." my soul and spirit ever sings to Jesus, looking forward to His coming soon! 
I pray that it is the song of your heart, as it will surely help get you through the moments, the days, the situations that remain in this place!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

MY Attitude

Life goes on...
The world goes on...
People continue to treat each other the same...
Nothing changes?  I HOPE IT DOES!!

My attitude, MY attitude

to be the same as Christ.
Thus, the yearning of my self,
at times, be sacrificed.
My heart, MY heart to be attune
unto my Father's Own
that His desires and His thoughts,
they shall be surely known!

O to be like Christ the Lord
in all my thoughts and ways-
how much more value would be in
redemption of the days?
"Help me, Father, to be such
unto this dying place:
a ray of hope to each of them
both in and out of grace!"

My attitude.  It is something that must have a constant watch.  Because I am a Christian, I must not look down at the one who is not...I must reach out to him and offer the wonder that Jesus is within me. 
Because I am gifted in writing about Jesus, that does not make me better than the ones gifted in other ways! 
Just because I have been saved three times longer than you doesn't mean that I can't learn something from you!
We are all gifted differently, and all of us need each other.  Live with it!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Early in the early...

As I look over the words God has given me of late, it seems that they all either pertain to, or happen in, the morning.  Why is that?  Is it because 'morning' is a brand new start?  A new beginning?  Even the writers of old call Heaven "...a place where morning shall not end!"
And again, I find these words penned a few days ago in guessed it!

Early in the early,
the interstate alive.
Hurried are the multitudes,
trying to arrive!
Most are heading to a place
that they can't wait to leave...
early in the early-
but what can this achieve?

But early in the early
Jesus is alive!
I spend time in His Presence-
He sees that I arrive!
He causes me to make a difference
anywhere I go.
Early in the early-
success will this day know!

Early in the early-
Jesus and no other!
He knows what life requires,
He's closer than a brother!
He gets me where I'm going
by living in my heart;
Jesus in the early-
We'll NEVER be apart!

Yes, morning on the interstate.  As I gaze at the beauty of His creation, Holy Spirit causes words to flow that not only glorify Him, but also serve to encourage you as we face another day.

Friday, July 17, 2015


Early once again...
Gazing at life on this glorious morning, I look up and find a

Red-tail hawk circling
as only he knows how;
movement only to be that
which morning winds allow.
Even in the stillness he
can find the slightest gust;
even when the whisper's not
he exercises trust!

Creator God--so visible
above me in the sky.
Unto the very depths of me
His trust to prophesy!
Beholding stately hawk and his
great liberty to soar--
the same thing every saint will do
when this place is no more!!

O what a promise!  O what an incredible reminder!  O what a wonderful God we serve...those of us who have Him residing in our hearts!  He provides so many ways to assure us of Himself and His ways!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

He fills!

Alone in the middle of the night.  Can't sleep.
Just my thoughts and I?  NO WAY!!

Staring into nothing in

the middle of the night;
not even to detect a vision
of the lunar light,
but to clearly know the Presence
of His holiness:
Jesus Christ, the Son--each facet
of my life to bless!
No matter the appearance of
the life before this man,
I can find an answer in
the Savior's gentle hand.
Even in a twinkling in
the middle of the night
come the answers to the need-
so perfect and so right!

So, if there be nothing in
the middle of your life
recognize The Savior and
take unto Him your strife!
You will know His Presence as
He fills that inner void,
then to know a fullness that
you never have enjoyed!

Are you empty?  Are you in a dark place?  CALL OUT TO JESUS!!  Just the mention of His Name dispels that darkness and instills hope!!  You will never again be alone...even in the middle of the night!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Thunder & The Whisper

God is so good.  God is so amazing!  God is so great that He can be whoever and whatever He wants to be! 
I can't explain it, but I can share what Holy Spirit tells me:
"Thunder and the whisper,"
very, very real
coming from the Spirit,
Blessed Lord and Master
anyone may claim!
"Glory Hallelujah"
to His Holy Name!

Feel the awesome thunder!

Hear the subtle call...
the sweetness of His voice
upon the heart to fall.
He is alive within us
and living all around;
echoes of His mercy
truly to abound!

The thunder and the whisper-

oh so very real!
To the inner person
ever to reveal!
Blessed Holy Spirit,
Father and the Son:
holy, holy, holy,
Trinity in One!!

Are you allowing God to be that alive in your life, or do you have him confined to the parameters that You have securely set for Him?

Whether you like it or not, He will break out of the box that you have.  Will you run from Him when He does, or will you grab hold and hang on?!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Welcome break

Sometimes, life comes at us with guns blazing and we wonder when we might get a moment to rest...

Silence in between the storms,

evening appears...
Chores are over...light is almost...
life be in arrears?
Not at all, for living is

as Jesus walks along;
walking with Him, at His side,
inspires heaven-song!
But not too far this evening,
with thunder to remind
that, very soon, a covering
we're going to have to find!
I cannot trust the weather to
allow that daily walk-
that one where Jesus Christ and I
enjoy such candid talk!
O, but ANY time I have to spend,
for it will always due
as He assures me, every time,
"I AM right here next to you!"
What blest assurance in between
the storms of life that be
with Father, Son and Holy Spirit-
blessed Trinity!

Wherever you are, wherever this life finds you, never forget that you are not alone!  God WANTS to be right there with you, fully involved!

Invite Him to live each moment with you.

Monday, July 6, 2015


Ministering to people all day.
As I finally get home, there is a perfect breeze frolicking with the trees, the scorching sun of earlier is hidden behind cooling clouds, and my heart cries out

"You are mighty!  You are holy!
You are King of Kings!
You are above creation all--
for life, to You it sings!
Blessed even be Your Name-
above all every name!
Now and then and all eternal,
God--You are the same!!

Jesus, Jesus, Lord to me
and Master over all,
in the triumph, in the terror,
only You we call!
For there is not another upon
Whom we can depend,
and we will trust in You until
all time comes to an end!

Mighty, holy Majesty,
o You are God alone!
Father, Son and Holy Spirit-
Unity be known!
Taking care of all of us
because we are Your Own;
mighty, holy, loving Jesus,
Your grace--it is known!!"

What a blessing it is to walk slowly with the Lord as the day winds down.  What a wonder it is to behold His very handiwork as you reflect upon the day that He has blessed you with.
Do not ever overlook such opportunity!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Where is peace?

Where is that peace that can be had between men?
We just spent a few wonderful days celebrating liberty and some of the other blessings we have here!
And now, the morning after...

I do not understand, oh Lord,
why can't we get along?
Each be formed of humble dust,
yet each a different song?
If only all would change one note-
what harmony would form;
and, oh, the blessed repertoire
to come from such reform!

The minutest sovereignties
now seeking their own ways...
the majorest of powers
dissipating in these days...
unrest even in the home
but all throughout the land!
We cannot love our own...again,
I do not understand!

O that peace would have its way
in the days that are!
O the 'self' would cease--the care
would go so very far!
Is such as this within our human
or must we wait for His return
for all of this to be?

I KNOW IT IS POSSIBLE, but it takes effort.  It takes me giving a giving a little...and God doing the rest.  And that takes trust.
Let's trust Him together, shall we?

Saturday, July 4, 2015

July 4th

Independence Day.  What a wonderful 'thing' to celebrate!!
So proud, so proud, so proud to be
part of the brave, part of the free
that be known as THE U.S.A.-
American I'll always stay!

But only through the toil of all

that shed their blood may this man call
this wonderful, beautiful piece of land
my home for which I proudly stand!

America--so proud and free,
your liberty remember we!
But longer than a summer day
may You, within our living, stay!

One nation under God Most High-
we, not another, edify
save You, Lord, one and only God!
Stay with us as we, forward, trod!!

In case you haven't noticed, we need to be in prayer for America!  No, that's not a 'political' issue, it is a heart issue!  There are those who seek our destruction, and, on the other end of the scale, there are those who could care less!
As we celebrate today and this weekend, don't just make it a party with fireworks, set some time aside to cry out to God for His guidance and protection of this great nation!

Friday, July 3, 2015

National purity

America, America,
abounding in God's grace!
Step up!  Stand fast!  Know ye not
You're favored in this place?
Founded on God's Holy Word,
(in spite of argument!)
His arms, for they are open wide
with mercy yet unspent!

America mine earthly home,

(imperfect though may be,)
yet on that mercy to depend
that, favor, we may see!
Though many seek to 'redefine,'
we stand upon God's Word!
Yes, there IS a remnant to exist
in spite of what's occurred! beautiful,

and that not of our own!
The hand of THE Creator God
but everywhere be known!
Return unto the glory--
His Own glory may we seek;
return with wholeness of the heart,
in victory, to speak!

"America the beautiful."  Beautiful only because God has had His hand upon us for, lo, these many years!

Beautiful only to remain if we turn to Him and turn away from our wicked ways.
His mercy endures forever!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Correct vision

"Another day."
"Here we go again..."

So many irritations...
He knows about them each!
He even uses them to instruct,
to perfect and to teach.
Some are even used to warn
lest tragedy occur.
So many "irritations..."
but is that all they were?

Looking back upon the day
with Jesus by your side-
did everything go 'perfect?'
Was it a 'simple' ride?
But in all things that happened
there is so much to learn.
I've only mentioned several,
and now it is your turn...

So many irritations--
mere 'opportunities'
for God to conquer or provide-
He is so good at these!
O tend unto the Master as
you press on through the days-
for He will bring you victory
in oh so many ways!

Do these words put a different perspective on your day?
Too often, we look at what happens to us or around us with our own eyes.  Our vision is VERY limited in that respect!  Ask God to share with you what HE sees.  It might just change the whole situation!