Wednesday, June 24, 2015

What time is it?!

"The days go by faster and faster..."
Really?  Each of them have the same amount of time, but why does it seem that the more I try to do in that day becomes less and less? 
Hmmm... How did I start this day?

Once again to realize
how late it has become,
and I've not yet conversed with Him
Who knows my total sum.
The One Creator of the beauty
that I have enjoyed,
once again was pushed aside...
"Dear God, are You annoyed?
O please forgive my ignorance,
my folly and my sin.
The shadows, they are long and
only now I call You in?
I know that You have made success
in what I had to do,
but I know, Lord, that You'd prefer
that I invited You.
I'm sorry.  Please forgive me.
Your mercy is so real.
But God, inside Your saving grace,
my ignorance conceal?
I need return unto that place
where You are first and stay!
Then to know much more resolve
to each and every day!

Are you busy?  Do you have time for God?  Not just including him in all that you do, but setting time aside to DO NOTHING but what the Spirit leads.

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