Thursday, June 18, 2015

The filling station

That's what Sunday morning service is like for some.  That's what Sunday service SHOULD be like for all!

Sunday morning early--
so much to prepare...
off to church to ready it
'fore everyone to share!
So many preparations to be
in the house of God:
we prepare...He shows up...
everybody's awed!

Early Sunday morning--
God is so alive!
He is already in this place
long 'fore we arrive!
It is HIS house, we are HIS guests
here in this holy place!
He loves us and He favors us,
He heals and saves by grace!

Early, early Sunday--
so wonderful a time!
My Father, He is waiting;
into His arms we climb!
No greater love to ever be,
no greater grace, as well;
we learn...we grow...and, from this place,
our lives does He propel!

Sunday morning service.  Gas station for our lives for the rest of the week!  Yes, each of us have personal daily communion with Jesus through prayer, but gathering together to share and learn more of Him is so wonderful!  Don't miss it!

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