Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Early, early morning yet again.
Yearning, yearning for that heavenly home that He has promised yet again.
So much going on here...so much to accomplish while it is 'today...' that Place of peace and rest is more and more inviting as the days go by!

Hallelujah!  Soon to rise
to that home beyond the skies
and, forever, there to be
with the One Who died for me!

Hallelujah!  Soon to reign

with the One Who bore the pain.
Abdication of the throne,
by this King, shall not be known!

Hallelujah!  Soon to cheer
as His Kingdom draweth near!
Every vision to behold
His returning--swift and bold!

Hallelujah!  Soon to go!
Patience 'til then must I know,
and pursuant of The Call
of Christ Jesus--Lord of all!!

Regardless of how good or bad...how beautiful or ugly...how long or short the day seems to us, someday soon all will be perfect, night and day will be done away with, and the glory that is first thing in the morning will not come to end!

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