Monday, June 22, 2015

Redeem the time!

Twenty-four hours.
Some people try to fill those hours with as much as they can!  Sure, there are things that must be done in those hours, but what about "free time?"  Is there such a thing?

Where have gone the moments
contained within the day?
Truly I've enjoyed them
spent in such a way.
But have they been redeemed in ways
pleasing unto Him?
For I must be accountable
for every one of them!

Where have gone the moments
contained within the year?
Truly I've enjoyed them,
from ecstasy to fear.
But have I made a difference
in my brother's life,
giving into his account
what may, in me, be rife?

Where to go the moments
contained within this life?
May they, indeed, be spent in ways

that glorify HIS life!
Make me to be transparent,
let Christ, alone, be known
that there be more to celebrate
with us around His Throne!

We are told by God to redeem the time.  He even gives us a list of ways to do that: anything done in His Name or for the glory His Kingdom.
Do you have time?

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