Friday, June 5, 2015

Pay Attention!

Walking along the path this morning.  Jesus right beside me.  Trying to pray and communicate with Father God, but so many glorious things snatch my attention!!
Distracted once again by that
which comes from high above...
echoes of abundant grace
He is resplendent of!
As I try to focus on
the time I have with Him,
the choir on the wing resounds
and visions of the shim!

Trying to stay focused on
my intercourse with God
while His creation celebrates-
they cheer and they applaud!
Even the most minor bird
with song so very faint
is seen and heard and is enjoyed
with nary a complaint!

Distractions as I walk along
beholding His creation.
Or is such wonder by-products
of our great relation?!
All the while conversing with Him
in our daily walk
as I focus on His Presence--
what a blessed talk!

My daily walk with God.  It is anything but ordinary, daily routine!  We can walk together and not say a word and I could still receive more than all day long in conversation with people!
Walk with God daily...constantly!

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