Saturday, June 6, 2015


Some folks have their days so planned that they know exactly what they are going to be doing and when.
I'm not one of those.  I have a basic idea of what will happen when, but God causes all sorts of 'events' to happen in those parameters.

"Here I am again this morning.
Lord, what shall we do?
I have a list of things to do,
I want to serve You, too!
As I go about the day
and do what must be done,
see to it I accomplish much
for Jesus Christ the Son.

I avail myself unto
my purpose in this life,
but God, if You need something else
it will not cause me strife!
I know that what arises is
already known to You-
for there are no surprises,
and there is nothing new.

Here I am this morning, Lord,

which way shall we go?
To that that service...
I just partly know.
I avail myself unto
what brings the most to You!
My steps are ordered, this I know,
but, to us, it is new."

I know that for a certain amount of time I should be in a certain place, but it is God Who decides what shall go on there and whose path I will be in.  It is also God Who might side-track me or interrupt me to accomplish something for Him.  Can He do such in your life?

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