Thursday, June 11, 2015


Standing in the evening
beholding His own hand.
His cast begins appearing,
one by one, at His command.
In the spectrum of creation
there is not a word,
it be far from silent, though,
as so much life is heard!
So much life is heard...

And so much life is visible
in forms of many kind!
All to bring Him glory as,
for this, is life designed!
Not a thing for to detract
from God, His presence real!
God, Whom I behold and hear,
God, Whom I so feel!

The holiness of evening
approaching as it will.
Living it first-hand out here,
o what an awesome thrill!
Praise and glory unto God,
Creator of creation!
What a wonder to behold Him
in such grand ovation!

Try to find a place tonight where you can look out and see His stars as they appear.  I know it is difficult for some.  Others must only look out the window.  It is, however, worth the effort to behold such hallowed sight!

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