Thursday, June 25, 2015


"You're not worth it!  You don't need it!
I own you.  You are mine!
You have no longer dignity...
to this you must resign!
From now on you will do
whatever I want or need.
You are no more than a possession-
at this you succeed!"

"You are lovely.  You are worthy.
I have died for you.
My arms are ever open and
My love--it is so true!
You are Mine--but that is YOUR choice.
I have all you need!
I will save you.  I'll protect you.
I will get you freed!"

Two very different masters,

two very different hearts.
One, He wants your everything,
the other just wants parts!
Jesus cares for ALL of you,
and love, His love is real!
O come to Him just as you are;
to His heart you appeal!

Do these words relate to any of you?
Have any of you heard words like that first verse spoken to you.  THOSE ARE LIES!!  Don't believe them.  They are from a master that only cares about what he can get out of you!
PLEASE listen to The Master in the second verse!  He has given His whole life so that you no longer have to serve ANY other "master!"  HE LOVES YOU!!  He can and will deliver you from the demons...the habits...the lies that you have heard and lived for so long!
Please call the Name of JESUS today!

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