Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Lord of Grace

One more day out in a busy, mixed-up, lost world.  If you let it, it will distract you and overtake you in the blink of an eye!

And in the stillness of a dawn
'fore anything is stirred,
the Master comes to call and I
attend unto His word.
His voice is sweet unto me as
we stroll along the lane,
and I am taken by the hand
unto a higher plane.

And in the stillness of a place

that I cannot explain,
the awe and wonder of His grace
are made so very plain!
I go to Him with question and
I leave without a doubt;
and He leads me to where this man
can help his brother out.

And in the stillness of a world
with the lack of such,
He and I together go
to introduce His touch.
Whatever this man will expend,
by greater He'll replace;
but I lack nothing as I'm with
the One Who saves by grace!

In order to stay stable upon this path called the Narrow Way, we must stay focused on the One Who we serve: JESUS!  As crazy and messed up that this world seems at times, His Way remains firm and stable.  Follow Him!

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