Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Keep that appointment!

That daily appointment with God.  Do you have one?
In the beginning...when I was led to start sharing what God spoke to me, I balked.  I thought
"What if I run out of things to say?"
"What if I get up to speak and forget what to say?"
"What about ________________...?"

Today, as I was studying, Chuck Swindoll made a statement that I really hadn't pondered before, though God has been doing it in my life all along.  He said that the reason the "Burning bush" experience did not happen again is because God is so into original works!  Think about it.  As I read that, the Spirit immediately reminded me of this devotional.  I told myself years ago that I finally had written 'enough' to perhaps start sending them out and not have to repeat anything 'for a while.'  BUT GOD, being so good with originality, sees to it that when I set my pen to paper, something new and original comes forth.  At times, He will bring to my memory something written years back that will be useful to share that day.  Usually, I will come to the desk not even knowing what to send.  After praying and conversing with God, I will get the keyboard and the words begin to flow.  He is THAT real, and He is ALWAYS faithful!  And it all comes during that appointment that I keep with God!
Have you got an appointment with Him?  He ALWAYS has an opening!

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