Friday, June 26, 2015


Have you ever tried to share your heart with someone and it seemed like they had there mind on other things?  Jesus isn't that way.
Have you ever wanted to share something so beautiful with someone and they just couldn't understand what the big deal was?  Jesus understands...

"You never shrug and walk away

when I reveal my heart...
You never laugh when I share pain
seeking there Your part...
You never say "Just wait right here
until I finish this..."
but God, You're ALWAYS in my life-
there's NOTHING that You miss!
You even know the depths of me
that I can't vocalize;
You know, completely, my own heart-
its laughter and its cries!
You know all that affects me and
you help me understand
what does affect my fellow man
that I might lend a hand.

You never walk away from me,
You're at my side always.
And I shall glorify Your Name
and give You constant praise!
For there is not another like You,
'I am Yours, Lord, You are mine;'
You make my being sing!"

Whatever it is you are feeling or you are going through, Jesus understands.  He may not stop what is happening, but He will go through it with you.  Whether it is a good or bad situation, He wants to be with you and experience your life.  Don't shut Him out.  He's the only One who understands it all and will NEVER leave you nor forsake you.  Trust Him.

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