Sunday, June 7, 2015

I refuse to bow!

There is so much in this life to be tempted by!  However,

I refuse to bow before

any graven thing.
Nothing could contain the life
that I have in MY King!
Not only is it life unending,
but it so abounds
with every good and perfect thing!
Oh, my soul resounds!

I refuse to bow before
that constant in this place:
every form and manner of
corruption and disgrace!
Only to remain in standing
with The God alive!
In His holy statutes I
will prosper, I will thrive!

I refuse to bow before
temptations that are rife.
There are too many things around
to interrupt my life.
But I commit unto Him all
that would be a concern,
and He gives me ability
to notice and discern.

Yea, I refuse to bow, save at
the feet of Christ the King!
The joy of my salvation, unto
Him, I'll ever sing!
Nothing like Him in this life
because He ever lives!
Thus, I must make sure this man,
but all His living, gives!

"I REFUSE TO BOW!"  so cried Daniel and each of his friends in the 3rd chapter as they were caught not bowing down to the image the king had created.  That 'image' can come in many forms these days, and it is getting more and more tempting as we draw close to the end.
Are there things in your life that you must cry "I REFUSE TO BOW" to?  Do so and refuse to let ANYTHING come between you and God!
He is worth it!

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