Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Being so involved with the public, I see a lot of folks each day that seem to be wandering aimlessly.  You can see it in their faces.  You can hear it in their words.  You can even feel it when they come near.  But there IS hope...

So powerful, the hope that is
as Jesus is alive!
It is instilled inside my heart
assuring I'll arrive!
It is applied to all of life
and thus assurance lives!
That blessed hope, it is a gift
that God above will give!

Situations in this life-

no man is immune!
Hope--He walks right by my side
keeping life in tune.
The Straight and Narrow way exists
in Jesus Christ, the Son,
no matter how the day appears,
He says "My will be done!"

The hope belonging unto them

belonging to The King.
It causes us to rise above,
it causes us to sing!
It causes a desire to share
that Hope with every man!
O won't you cling unto that Hope
and so fulfill His Plan?

Hope.  Yes, we have hope!  And, yes, we have Hope!  Our hope is in Jesus Christ!  He is so wonderful!

Won't you try Him for your own?

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