Monday, June 15, 2015


Early, early.  No one else up yet.  (The snoring is evidence!)  What a beautiful time to meet with God, to hallow Him out here in His creation...

Silence in the morning

out in His creation
save for all His creatures
sharing their oration!
Joining in the choir
after moisture falls...
in the precious cool of morning,
God the Father calls!

And in the breeze of morning
His Spirit comes to call
reminding of a morning
that lasts forever all!
The holiness of Majesty
to come, in glimpses, near;
oh, but very soon His wondrous
Presence will be here!

Silence in the morning?
Not a chance at all!
Church to happen once again
and, at His feet, I fall!
Creator of creation-
we hallow Him alone!
In the trees and in His glory,
once again, we've grown.

How wonderful to be in the Presence of God Most High.
It doesn't only happen in designated buildings.  Church can happen, church can be wherever you and God commune! 
Look for places this week to spend some quality time with Father God.  He will provide ample opportunity for you to meet Him.

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