Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Fly On

The healing place.
It is a place that truly exists.  It is a place that is alive.  And it is a place I'm taken to when I am tired and worn...

"Fly on, fly on, oh Spirit,
and carry Thou mine own!
I'm tired...I am weary...I am
needing to be flown
unto that Place of Refuge
that only You provide,
where, 'neath that wing of shelter,
forever I can hide!

O Spirit, blessed transport,
please take me unto Him
and let us walk in harmony
along that silver shim
so far away from tragedies
of this decaying place,
so close to Jesus' bleeding side--
the glory and the grace!"

The healing place.
It is alive and 'it' has a Name: Jesus.
No matter how long the day is...
No matter what has happened or has been done to you, Jesus puts His arm around you and gathers you into embrace, and from there you can

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