Monday, June 15, 2015


Too often, we are limited in our definitions.  Too often, we mention "church" and are asked "Which one?  Where?"  Yesterday morning, we had "Church!"  Which one?  Jesus' Church!!  Where?  Hmmm...that could take a while to explain!

Something more than "congregation"
we have come to know?
But ANYWHERE we gather
His Presence we to know!
A song...a word...a prophecy...
a sermon and a poem,
and His love to one another--
thus we'll always know Him!

Church out in the wilderness,
church without a wall;
just a bunch of willing hearts
responding to His call!
We gather often as we can
to keep that love alive;
we gather often as we can
and, thus, we truly thrive!

Congregating in the hills.
All for God alone.
See the beauty...see the people...
oh, His glory known!

What a beautiful weekend!  What a beautiful place!  What a glorious Presence of God!  What a beautiful church--with no walls!

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