Friday, June 19, 2015

Another Place!

Facing another day.  All the while, my heart longs to be in another Place...

There is a place that's not affected
by the weather here.
It is a place reserved for them
that bow and persevere;
bowing to the ONLY One:
Jesus Christ, The Way!
It is Heaven, and so many
have so much to say!
Some say that it is Paradise-
more beautiful than word...
some say that it is freedom from
the pain this life's incurred...
others say it is a Place
where all of labors cease...
still others know it as that Place
we'll meet the Prince of Peace!
Oh, but it is all of the above,
yes, and even more!
For it is written, we CANNOT know
the wonders there in store!
But this I know: my heart so yearns
to join Him in that Place!
To join my Savior, Jesus Christ,
Who saved me by His grace!!

What about your heart?  Is there a longing to be with Him there forever?  Are there things here that you would rather continue doing?  Is there anything that would hinder you from going with Him when that Trumpet sounds?  O settle that with Christ the Master before that day arrives.  You don't want to spend eternity in that other place!

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