Friday, June 26, 2015


Have you ever tried to share your heart with someone and it seemed like they had there mind on other things?  Jesus isn't that way.
Have you ever wanted to share something so beautiful with someone and they just couldn't understand what the big deal was?  Jesus understands...

"You never shrug and walk away

when I reveal my heart...
You never laugh when I share pain
seeking there Your part...
You never say "Just wait right here
until I finish this..."
but God, You're ALWAYS in my life-
there's NOTHING that You miss!
You even know the depths of me
that I can't vocalize;
You know, completely, my own heart-
its laughter and its cries!
You know all that affects me and
you help me understand
what does affect my fellow man
that I might lend a hand.

You never walk away from me,
You're at my side always.
And I shall glorify Your Name
and give You constant praise!
For there is not another like You,
'I am Yours, Lord, You are mine;'
You make my being sing!"

Whatever it is you are feeling or you are going through, Jesus understands.  He may not stop what is happening, but He will go through it with you.  Whether it is a good or bad situation, He wants to be with you and experience your life.  Don't shut Him out.  He's the only One who understands it all and will NEVER leave you nor forsake you.  Trust Him.

Thursday, June 25, 2015


"You're not worth it!  You don't need it!
I own you.  You are mine!
You have no longer dignity...
to this you must resign!
From now on you will do
whatever I want or need.
You are no more than a possession-
at this you succeed!"

"You are lovely.  You are worthy.
I have died for you.
My arms are ever open and
My love--it is so true!
You are Mine--but that is YOUR choice.
I have all you need!
I will save you.  I'll protect you.
I will get you freed!"

Two very different masters,

two very different hearts.
One, He wants your everything,
the other just wants parts!
Jesus cares for ALL of you,
and love, His love is real!
O come to Him just as you are;
to His heart you appeal!

Do these words relate to any of you?
Have any of you heard words like that first verse spoken to you.  THOSE ARE LIES!!  Don't believe them.  They are from a master that only cares about what he can get out of you!
PLEASE listen to The Master in the second verse!  He has given His whole life so that you no longer have to serve ANY other "master!"  HE LOVES YOU!!  He can and will deliver you from the demons...the habits...the lies that you have heard and lived for so long!
Please call the Name of JESUS today!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

What time is it?!

"The days go by faster and faster..."
Really?  Each of them have the same amount of time, but why does it seem that the more I try to do in that day becomes less and less? 
Hmmm... How did I start this day?

Once again to realize
how late it has become,
and I've not yet conversed with Him
Who knows my total sum.
The One Creator of the beauty
that I have enjoyed,
once again was pushed aside...
"Dear God, are You annoyed?
O please forgive my ignorance,
my folly and my sin.
The shadows, they are long and
only now I call You in?
I know that You have made success
in what I had to do,
but I know, Lord, that You'd prefer
that I invited You.
I'm sorry.  Please forgive me.
Your mercy is so real.
But God, inside Your saving grace,
my ignorance conceal?
I need return unto that place
where You are first and stay!
Then to know much more resolve
to each and every day!

Are you busy?  Do you have time for God?  Not just including him in all that you do, but setting time aside to DO NOTHING but what the Spirit leads.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Early, early morning yet again.
Yearning, yearning for that heavenly home that He has promised yet again.
So much going on much to accomplish while it is 'today...' that Place of peace and rest is more and more inviting as the days go by!

Hallelujah!  Soon to rise
to that home beyond the skies
and, forever, there to be
with the One Who died for me!

Hallelujah!  Soon to reign

with the One Who bore the pain.
Abdication of the throne,
by this King, shall not be known!

Hallelujah!  Soon to cheer
as His Kingdom draweth near!
Every vision to behold
His returning--swift and bold!

Hallelujah!  Soon to go!
Patience 'til then must I know,
and pursuant of The Call
of Christ Jesus--Lord of all!!

Regardless of how good or beautiful or long or short the day seems to us, someday soon all will be perfect, night and day will be done away with, and the glory that is first thing in the morning will not come to end!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Redeem the time!

Twenty-four hours.
Some people try to fill those hours with as much as they can!  Sure, there are things that must be done in those hours, but what about "free time?"  Is there such a thing?

Where have gone the moments
contained within the day?
Truly I've enjoyed them
spent in such a way.
But have they been redeemed in ways
pleasing unto Him?
For I must be accountable
for every one of them!

Where have gone the moments
contained within the year?
Truly I've enjoyed them,
from ecstasy to fear.
But have I made a difference
in my brother's life,
giving into his account
what may, in me, be rife?

Where to go the moments
contained within this life?
May they, indeed, be spent in ways

that glorify HIS life!
Make me to be transparent,
let Christ, alone, be known
that there be more to celebrate
with us around His Throne!

We are told by God to redeem the time.  He even gives us a list of ways to do that: anything done in His Name or for the glory His Kingdom.
Do you have time?

Friday, June 19, 2015

Another Place!

Facing another day.  All the while, my heart longs to be in another Place...

There is a place that's not affected
by the weather here.
It is a place reserved for them
that bow and persevere;
bowing to the ONLY One:
Jesus Christ, The Way!
It is Heaven, and so many
have so much to say!
Some say that it is Paradise-
more beautiful than word...
some say that it is freedom from
the pain this life's incurred...
others say it is a Place
where all of labors cease...
still others know it as that Place
we'll meet the Prince of Peace!
Oh, but it is all of the above,
yes, and even more!
For it is written, we CANNOT know
the wonders there in store!
But this I know: my heart so yearns
to join Him in that Place!
To join my Savior, Jesus Christ,
Who saved me by His grace!!

What about your heart?  Is there a longing to be with Him there forever?  Are there things here that you would rather continue doing?  Is there anything that would hinder you from going with Him when that Trumpet sounds?  O settle that with Christ the Master before that day arrives.  You don't want to spend eternity in that other place!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

The filling station

That's what Sunday morning service is like for some.  That's what Sunday service SHOULD be like for all!

Sunday morning early--
so much to prepare...
off to church to ready it
'fore everyone to share!
So many preparations to be
in the house of God:
we prepare...He shows up...
everybody's awed!

Early Sunday morning--
God is so alive!
He is already in this place
long 'fore we arrive!
It is HIS house, we are HIS guests
here in this holy place!
He loves us and He favors us,
He heals and saves by grace!

Early, early Sunday--
so wonderful a time!
My Father, He is waiting;
into His arms we climb!
No greater love to ever be,
no greater grace, as well;
we learn...we grow...and, from this place,
our lives does He propel!

Sunday morning service.  Gas station for our lives for the rest of the week!  Yes, each of us have personal daily communion with Jesus through prayer, but gathering together to share and learn more of Him is so wonderful!  Don't miss it!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Keep that appointment!

That daily appointment with God.  Do you have one?
In the beginning...when I was led to start sharing what God spoke to me, I balked.  I thought
"What if I run out of things to say?"
"What if I get up to speak and forget what to say?"
"What about ________________...?"

Today, as I was studying, Chuck Swindoll made a statement that I really hadn't pondered before, though God has been doing it in my life all along.  He said that the reason the "Burning bush" experience did not happen again is because God is so into original works!  Think about it.  As I read that, the Spirit immediately reminded me of this devotional.  I told myself years ago that I finally had written 'enough' to perhaps start sending them out and not have to repeat anything 'for a while.'  BUT GOD, being so good with originality, sees to it that when I set my pen to paper, something new and original comes forth.  At times, He will bring to my memory something written years back that will be useful to share that day.  Usually, I will come to the desk not even knowing what to send.  After praying and conversing with God, I will get the keyboard and the words begin to flow.  He is THAT real, and He is ALWAYS faithful!  And it all comes during that appointment that I keep with God!
Have you got an appointment with Him?  He ALWAYS has an opening!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Being so involved with the public, I see a lot of folks each day that seem to be wandering aimlessly.  You can see it in their faces.  You can hear it in their words.  You can even feel it when they come near.  But there IS hope...

So powerful, the hope that is
as Jesus is alive!
It is instilled inside my heart
assuring I'll arrive!
It is applied to all of life
and thus assurance lives!
That blessed hope, it is a gift
that God above will give!

Situations in this life-

no man is immune!
Hope--He walks right by my side
keeping life in tune.
The Straight and Narrow way exists
in Jesus Christ, the Son,
no matter how the day appears,
He says "My will be done!"

The hope belonging unto them

belonging to The King.
It causes us to rise above,
it causes us to sing!
It causes a desire to share
that Hope with every man!
O won't you cling unto that Hope
and so fulfill His Plan?

Hope.  Yes, we have hope!  And, yes, we have Hope!  Our hope is in Jesus Christ!  He is so wonderful!

Won't you try Him for your own?

Monday, June 15, 2015


Early, early.  No one else up yet.  (The snoring is evidence!)  What a beautiful time to meet with God, to hallow Him out here in His creation...

Silence in the morning

out in His creation
save for all His creatures
sharing their oration!
Joining in the choir
after moisture falls...
in the precious cool of morning,
God the Father calls!

And in the breeze of morning
His Spirit comes to call
reminding of a morning
that lasts forever all!
The holiness of Majesty
to come, in glimpses, near;
oh, but very soon His wondrous
Presence will be here!

Silence in the morning?
Not a chance at all!
Church to happen once again
and, at His feet, I fall!
Creator of creation-
we hallow Him alone!
In the trees and in His glory,
once again, we've grown.

How wonderful to be in the Presence of God Most High.
It doesn't only happen in designated buildings.  Church can happen, church can be wherever you and God commune! 
Look for places this week to spend some quality time with Father God.  He will provide ample opportunity for you to meet Him.


Too often, we are limited in our definitions.  Too often, we mention "church" and are asked "Which one?  Where?"  Yesterday morning, we had "Church!"  Which one?  Jesus' Church!!  Where?  Hmmm...that could take a while to explain!

Something more than "congregation"
we have come to know?
But ANYWHERE we gather
His Presence we to know!
A song...a word...a prophecy...
a sermon and a poem,
and His love to one another--
thus we'll always know Him!

Church out in the wilderness,
church without a wall;
just a bunch of willing hearts
responding to His call!
We gather often as we can
to keep that love alive;
we gather often as we can
and, thus, we truly thrive!

Congregating in the hills.
All for God alone.
See the beauty...see the people...
oh, His glory known!

What a beautiful weekend!  What a beautiful place!  What a glorious Presence of God!  What a beautiful church--with no walls!

Friday, June 12, 2015


"Lord, how long will You wait and allow man to spiral downward?"

"Come again and quickly
oh Lord, my God and King!
There is a song in every heart
that few would dare to sing.
Deep inside of ALL is knowledge
of what's right and wrong,
the right way isn't always "easy,"
and it takes too long!
The wrong way takes on many forms
here in the latter days.
"Success," it is obtained today
in most disgusting ways!
"It does not matter who gets hurt
as long as we succeed..."
I fall upon my face repenting,

All the while, that song within
is yearning to get out!
Goodness, righteousness and truth
is what it's all about!
There is a knowledge of the Lord
in every heart instilled.
Allowing it to come alive
is what He's ever willed!

Yes, there is instilled in every man a knowledge of good and evil, right and wrong, and a knowledge of The Creator, God. 
There are two types of people: those who recognize God as their creator and worship Him, and those in denial who continue to run from Him.
Yes.  I am narrow-minded!

Thursday, June 11, 2015


Standing in the evening
beholding His own hand.
His cast begins appearing,
one by one, at His command.
In the spectrum of creation
there is not a word,
it be far from silent, though,
as so much life is heard!
So much life is heard...

And so much life is visible
in forms of many kind!
All to bring Him glory as,
for this, is life designed!
Not a thing for to detract
from God, His presence real!
God, Whom I behold and hear,
God, Whom I so feel!

The holiness of evening
approaching as it will.
Living it first-hand out here,
o what an awesome thrill!
Praise and glory unto God,
Creator of creation!
What a wonder to behold Him
in such grand ovation!

Try to find a place tonight where you can look out and see His stars as they appear.  I know it is difficult for some.  Others must only look out the window.  It is, however, worth the effort to behold such hallowed sight!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Love anyway

Father God.
Loving Father God.
There is a lot of work in this place to do, and "I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me," but you know what...

"You see my limitations, but
You call me anyway...
You know that which I cannot do
but unto me You say
"Take heart, my child, for there are things
designed for you alone;
and by your hand upon those works
My glory shall be known!"

For there are things I cannot do,
but God, You are aware,
and You makes sure that, in Your kingdom,
I am given share!
You see me not as "handicapped,"
or 'labels' of this place;
You make for me exceptions by
Your treasury of grace!

Mercy.  Grace and mercy.
And that of only You!
You set me at Your very table!
God, Your love is true!!
You see unto our wants and needs,
abundantly You bless.
You see my life in Christ and say
"You are my righteousness!"

Loving Father God.
Too often, He is seen as the watchdog in the sky poised and ready to pounce as soon as we screw up.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  When you love someone it helps you understand them.  And God loves you...even if there are things wrong that no one else understands.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Fly On

The healing place.
It is a place that truly exists.  It is a place that is alive.  And it is a place I'm taken to when I am tired and worn...

"Fly on, fly on, oh Spirit,
and carry Thou mine own!
I'm tired...I am weary...I am
needing to be flown
unto that Place of Refuge
that only You provide,
where, 'neath that wing of shelter,
forever I can hide!

O Spirit, blessed transport,
please take me unto Him
and let us walk in harmony
along that silver shim
so far away from tragedies
of this decaying place,
so close to Jesus' bleeding side--
the glory and the grace!"

The healing place.
It is alive and 'it' has a Name: Jesus.
No matter how long the day is...
No matter what has happened or has been done to you, Jesus puts His arm around you and gathers you into embrace, and from there you can

Monday, June 8, 2015

Winding down

Another busy day.
Another FULL day of accomplishing God's purposes.
Now that it is over, I am

Captured by the colors as
the day begins to fade...
what a grand design across
the sky has evening made!
How many are the shades as God
is using His own brush?
As life beholds it, there would fall
a very holy hush.

In the hush begin to form
verses all anew
about the shades and shadows,
about approaching dew...
about the very Maker of
the evening in rhyme;
He is God, Creator God,
and He's immune from time!

I certainly pray that your day was as successful, but even more that you can look back upon it and see the moving of God throughout it.  He is so faithful!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

I refuse to bow!

There is so much in this life to be tempted by!  However,

I refuse to bow before

any graven thing.
Nothing could contain the life
that I have in MY King!
Not only is it life unending,
but it so abounds
with every good and perfect thing!
Oh, my soul resounds!

I refuse to bow before
that constant in this place:
every form and manner of
corruption and disgrace!
Only to remain in standing
with The God alive!
In His holy statutes I
will prosper, I will thrive!

I refuse to bow before
temptations that are rife.
There are too many things around
to interrupt my life.
But I commit unto Him all
that would be a concern,
and He gives me ability
to notice and discern.

Yea, I refuse to bow, save at
the feet of Christ the King!
The joy of my salvation, unto
Him, I'll ever sing!
Nothing like Him in this life
because He ever lives!
Thus, I must make sure this man,
but all His living, gives!

"I REFUSE TO BOW!"  so cried Daniel and each of his friends in the 3rd chapter as they were caught not bowing down to the image the king had created.  That 'image' can come in many forms these days, and it is getting more and more tempting as we draw close to the end.
Are there things in your life that you must cry "I REFUSE TO BOW" to?  Do so and refuse to let ANYTHING come between you and God!
He is worth it!

Saturday, June 6, 2015


Some folks have their days so planned that they know exactly what they are going to be doing and when.
I'm not one of those.  I have a basic idea of what will happen when, but God causes all sorts of 'events' to happen in those parameters.

"Here I am again this morning.
Lord, what shall we do?
I have a list of things to do,
I want to serve You, too!
As I go about the day
and do what must be done,
see to it I accomplish much
for Jesus Christ the Son.

I avail myself unto
my purpose in this life,
but God, if You need something else
it will not cause me strife!
I know that what arises is
already known to You-
for there are no surprises,
and there is nothing new.

Here I am this morning, Lord,

which way shall we go?
To that that service...
I just partly know.
I avail myself unto
what brings the most to You!
My steps are ordered, this I know,
but, to us, it is new."

I know that for a certain amount of time I should be in a certain place, but it is God Who decides what shall go on there and whose path I will be in.  It is also God Who might side-track me or interrupt me to accomplish something for Him.  Can He do such in your life?

Friday, June 5, 2015

Pay Attention!

Walking along the path this morning.  Jesus right beside me.  Trying to pray and communicate with Father God, but so many glorious things snatch my attention!!
Distracted once again by that
which comes from high above...
echoes of abundant grace
He is resplendent of!
As I try to focus on
the time I have with Him,
the choir on the wing resounds
and visions of the shim!

Trying to stay focused on
my intercourse with God
while His creation celebrates-
they cheer and they applaud!
Even the most minor bird
with song so very faint
is seen and heard and is enjoyed
with nary a complaint!

Distractions as I walk along
beholding His creation.
Or is such wonder by-products
of our great relation?!
All the while conversing with Him
in our daily walk
as I focus on His Presence--
what a blessed talk!

My daily walk with God.  It is anything but ordinary, daily routine!  We can walk together and not say a word and I could still receive more than all day long in conversation with people!
Walk with God daily...constantly!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Atop the hill

From the rolling hill
once again, what thrill!
Rolling hills afar-
o bless the sights that are!

And glory to Creator God,
the Maker and my Friend!
Even as the billowed clouds,
His praises, they ascend!
He only speaks a word, then
out of "what" they formulate?!
O He is Almighty God,
so glorious and great!

From the rolling hill
God provides each thrill.
O glorify His Name
and never be the same!

Behold the creation of God.

Behold how all creation glorifies His Majesty!
Won't you be part of that creation?

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


How beautiful are the assurances we have in Jesus!!

Stricken from the record by
a quill with crimson flow
be each of my iniquities
that only Three could know!
Yea, that which be most damaging
unto the Holy One,
it has been forgiven with
the fluid of the Son!

Will e'er be comprehended, oh,
the wonders of a grace
that washes people white as snow
no matter the disgrace?
Of a truth, it is beyond
the reasoning of I;
but grateful I be ever for
the Son of God Most High!

We will NEVER fully comprehend or figure out Jesus.  Why not just accept Him into your heart and enjoy Him?
Jesus Christ and His shed Blood.  Without it, we are hopeless!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Lord of Grace

One more day out in a busy, mixed-up, lost world.  If you let it, it will distract you and overtake you in the blink of an eye!

And in the stillness of a dawn
'fore anything is stirred,
the Master comes to call and I
attend unto His word.
His voice is sweet unto me as
we stroll along the lane,
and I am taken by the hand
unto a higher plane.

And in the stillness of a place

that I cannot explain,
the awe and wonder of His grace
are made so very plain!
I go to Him with question and
I leave without a doubt;
and He leads me to where this man
can help his brother out.

And in the stillness of a world
with the lack of such,
He and I together go
to introduce His touch.
Whatever this man will expend,
by greater He'll replace;
but I lack nothing as I'm with
the One Who saves by grace!

In order to stay stable upon this path called the Narrow Way, we must stay focused on the One Who we serve: JESUS!  As crazy and messed up that this world seems at times, His Way remains firm and stable.  Follow Him!

Monday, June 1, 2015

The Savior calls


The Savior of the world yet is calling
unto the heart and soul of every man.
Try as he may, he never will stop falling
lest he submits unto The Father's plan.
Soft and gentle be the calling of Him
Whose offer shall remain unto the end.
Oh will you not respond with those who love Him?
As soon, on clouds of glory, He'll descend!

Jesus Christ is coming again.
Don't let this life or anyone in it prevent you from making Him your Savior! 
He died for you.
He rose again.
He's coming back...and we are one day closer to His return!