Wednesday, May 20, 2015

True love

"'Til death do us part..."
Of course, we hear that in a majority of wedding vows, but how many people cling to that?   If I expect my wife to keep her part of the agreement, then I surely better give her something worth clinging to!

What happened to the one I
fell in love with years ago...
that caring, loving, funny person
that I used to know?
Rather, where's that charming one
with whom THEY fell in love?
Both of them, for they remain-
just ask the Lord above!
For He knows where they are and all
that happened on the way.
Greater, He knows how to restore-
the things to do and say!
Turn to Him. Call to Him.
Get down upon your knees!
He will show you what is needed,
once again, to please.

It took two to arrive here,
it takes two to advance.
Trust in Jesus Christ TOGETHER,
true love to enhance!

We all have loved ones and dear ones that have had relationships that did not work out.  For years, I saw and heard of my friends or family that have gone through a nasty separation.  It always angered or hurt me until I started being a person that they would come to and discuss the situation.  We are all quick to pick sides in an argument, when in reality both sides have issues that must be dealt with.  Sure, there are situations that are blatantly one-sided, but MOST just have misunderstandings or issues that they just don't know how to resolve.
If you are there right now, try to resolve this with just the Three of you: both of you and Jesus.  He is usually all you ever need to get over things and move on.  But it takes HONESTY...something that terrifies some folks!

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