Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Wilderness

All of us have been there.
All of us contain areas that yet be considered 'wilderness.'
Who and what will you allow there?

Into the wilderness
where God, alone, may bless;
He knows what to expect
the world to interject.

The wilderness be this day-
reality gone wild!
I realize just how protected
I was as a child!
That which I was taught since I
am ever to recall-
the same, it is a question now,
and 'relative' is all?

The wilderness between the ears,
and deep within the chest.
Gone be that which God ordained,
commanded us and blessed?
Inside the fabric be the knowledge,
and in black and white!
We must return to HIS own Word,
and bring to HIM delight!!

Regardless of the "feeling,"
God exists and He remains.
We must obey His Word and ways
to steer clear of the pains!
Release Him to that wilderness
that is your heart and mind,
do that so pleasing unto Him
and favor you will find!

Are there areas of your life that you prohibit God from?  You already know the answer to that.  So does He.  Are you missing out on blessings by holding on to something far inferior?
"Good" is the enemy of "the Best!"  Don't be embezzled!

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