Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Joy of Life!

"O thank You, God, for healing me-
the comfort, the relief!
The presence of Your mighty touch,
the absence of the grief!
The presence of Your perfect love
to see to mine each need...
O thank You, Lord, for healing me-
alive to be the bleed!

So alive and, yes, alive,
Your exclusive touch!
So living, everything You've done,
for us...who knows how much?!
So living and alive Your Presence
in our lives each day!
"Oh thank You God for healing me..."
it's not enough to say!

O thank You God, You are so good,
and there is none like you.
O help me to display You, Lord,
in all I say and do!
For You are worthy of my life,
mine each and every breath!
I celebrate You as I live, Lord,
by the words "thus saith..."

Man promises many things...

This world promises many things...
Jesus promises many things...
The only difference?  JESUS DELIVERS!  Jesus makes good on His word.  Trust Him.  Cling to Him and learn to live dependent upon His Word...He will NEVER fail you!

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