Saturday, May 2, 2015

Perfect timing!

I just got a phone call from someone that we have been praying for.  Awhile back, there was a massive layoff at his company.  In his concern, he called and asked that we join them in prayer about it.  He just called with the answer to those prayers...

"Once again, Lord, You provide,

Your timing is so right!
'Your ways are not our ways,' oh Lord,
but in Yours we delight!
That which we had need of, the
desires of the heart,
in that perfect moment, Lord,
unto us You impart!

Thank You for Your touch that brings
the healing we require...
Thank You for confirmation, Lord,
You know each desire...
Thank You for that phone call with
that job that we were needing...
in ALL that is about us, Lord,
thank You for interceding!

O Lord, You are so good to us,

and great is Your supply!
You are in control, therefore,
it's senseless asking 'Why?'
Thank You, thank You, Jesus, Jesus,
all-in-all are You!
These gifts, they come out of Your hand
on time, not overdue!"

Not only did he get a new job, but one that gave him the hours he wanted, the days off he needed, and the money was right. 

I have learned that we don't lose something or have something taken away unless God has something better to replace it with.  He has certainly proven that in our lives, and we see Him do it in the lives of those who belong to Him!

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