Friday, May 29, 2015

Outer Space

Late at night...far enough away from civilization to realize darkness.  There, above and all around,

Into the expanse so vast
on this eve, mine eyes I cast.
The magnitude of such to be
most overcoming unto me!
And, in my insignificance,
I cry out to His Eminence.
His Presence then to so enshroud
in silence that is very loud!

And, as if in child's play,

dot-to-dot through Milky Way,
the planets, in a sentry, guard
the further vision of a bard!
I marvel as they glisten fair,
and I inhale the mountain air
that is upon the blessed night
beneath the canopy of sight!

The wonder and the splendor of God!  His glory evidenced in His vast creation!  Try and find a place where there be no glow of development and behold that which is only seen in darkness!


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