Thursday, May 28, 2015

On the Road

One of my favorite things in the world to do  was to behold the glory of God's handiwork as I drove to various places around this country.  99% of the time, I looked forward to it with excitement! 
As I listened to others, I decided that
This ribbon that I travel shan't oppress me;
it matters not how far the trek shall be.
With visions 'yond description does He bless me,
like present, each direction that I see.
It's kissed by Him Who is but e'er eternal,
Whose touch restores and beautifies the land!
O look with eyes attune to pristine wonder
and surely you will come to understand!

The rolling hills, the mountains and the valleys
girded with the spectrum of the Spring--
the sweetest of distraction as I travel--
further to encourage me to sing!
So do I unto the Lord and Maker
of all that is and evermore shall be!
Oh, the mighty touch of God the Father--
life unto the very life of me!

These words from long ago are brought to heart once again as I think of all the travelling that my daughter must do for her job.  (And they were written back when I was able to drive!)
The next time you are out for a drive, for pleasure or on business, note the glory of His creation, and give Him thanks that You can see it!

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