Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Morning with The King

The sun is almost up.  The birds are already in song.  The coffee pot is calling.  Therefore,
"I will arise and glorify
the mighty King of kings!
I will arise and magnify
the One of which life sings!
I will worship You before
I do another thing,
glorify YOU, Jesus Christ,
for You are EVERYTHING!
You are the One Who tells the sun
what time to shed its light...
You are the One Who teaches birds
to sing with great delight...
You are the One designing every
item in my day...
O You are the One I glorify,
the One to Whom I pray!!

I will arise and You will be
the first One that I meet!
I will converse with You, Lord, and
my day will be complete!
Complete with all success that I
require through the day,
complete because of just awhile
I walked with You to pray!"

What a beautiful start to the morning: being in the Presence of God!
Sure, there are those moments when I stop everything and be with Him.  Nothing else until it's over.  Then there are those times when I am going about the house or office getting everything done while conversing with Him as He walks beside me.
Both are very real.
Both are necessary.
Both are filled with His awesome, beautiful, glorious Presence.  Don't miss a moment of Him!

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