Sunday, May 17, 2015

Memorial again

How far removed from warfare until
memories erase?
The carnage...the explosions...
the horror one to face...
But this day be unknown to them,
the heroes who gave all;
since they no longer may reflect,
it is US that must recall!
We must recall their names,
with gratitude for every one!
We must recall their exploits,
giving thanks for what they've done;
we must recall the history
that's come due to their part;
we must recall them unto God,
that He contains their heart!

Far removed from warfare,
but not removed from life-
the many brave and honorable
who bore this nation's strife!
Giving all that they could give-
once more, we give our thanks
to each locale and every branch,
each and all their ranks!

Every one of us has someone, somewhere that has lost their life in service to these United States.  Thank you, and our prayers and hearts go out to you.  May God rest their souls, and comfort you, too.
In HIS Service,

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