Monday, May 18, 2015

Lose the drama!

If you let it, this life can really get to you.
If you let them, people in this life can really affect the way you live!
But if you let Him, Jesus can help you to get through those situations and continue at His pace upon the Narrow Way!

O take me to that place where I

can thrive despite the pain.
Where memories produce no anger,
place me and sustain.
I need the freedom that I had
before this deed was done;
I need to strictly follow the
example of His Son!

Jesus told me how to live
beyond the pain and hurt.
He even gave examples so
that I remain alert!
He even gives me opportune
to cast it all His way;
He even knows my heart when I
do not know what to say.

I need to go to that place for
myself and not another
to obtain His healing, yes,
and cling to Christ, my brother!
He is above the drama, He's
the Truth, the Life, The Way;
and He is mine own escort, yes,
unto that healing day!

Stay in His Word.  Obey His commands.  Walk in His very steps to know the success and advancement that He has purposed for your life!  All you must do is follow His lead!


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