Sunday, May 24, 2015

Just a marker?

Driving through the country, I suddenly come upon a field filled with markers and flags.  It is not an uncommon sight, but some of the residents therein are quite uncommon!

Rows and rows of crosses-
not one without respect.
Graveyards--some without location--
what should we expect?
Walking slowly through them,
such gratitude to build...
o let me not forget the fact
that, for me, they were killed.

Silence for a moment?
Reverence, so brief?
But honor should be constant,
and gratitude be chief!
Not one to be 'anonymous,'
for each be known to God
to whom each be committed
as we, their lives, applaud!

Just a cross to symbolize?
A marker in some place?
Unless we call each one to heart
we each be a disgrace!
We savor freedom every day--
freedom THEY have earned!
See to it that true gratitude
unto them be returned!

Driving through the country...not always.  For there are graveyards everywhere that contain those who have passed in service to this great nation.  May they each receive due honor.

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