Friday, May 15, 2015

Jesus The Promise!

Jesus Christ The Word.
Do you ever MAKE time to contemplate that?

I'm taken by the promises,

I'm carried by a thought!
I'm so encouraged by the words
that Jesus Christ has got!
He, the Living Word of God,
has so much for this man--
all because, for EVERY life,
He has the perfect plan!

How wonderful, the promises
mine every step to guide!
How glorious that Christ, Himself,
for He is on my side!
So alive be every Page
one at a time to turn--
more Jesus Christ alive,
so freely may I learn!

Jesus, Jesus--come to free us,
come to love us so!
Come as man so every man,
the Father's love, could know!
Jesus, Jesus...every page,
each truth to come alive--
truths for to assure us that,
in Heaven, we'll arrive!

Jesus, Jesus...the ONLY way to Heaven, the ONLY way to Father God.
What a blessing it is to have open access to Jesus Christ!  We are so blessed!

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