Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Jesus' love!

Ah...the love of Jesus...

"Your love is like the dew upon the roses...
Your love is NOT!  For dew, it disappears.
Your love is like the stones and precious metals...
but Your love will NEVER leave us in arrears!
Your love, it cannot be compared as we know,
because your love, it never fluctuates!
You are God...Holy Ghost...Lord Jesus...
so constantly, Your love, it generates!

Your love, oh Lord, is perfect,
so patient and so blind;
Your love, it is forgetful-
every person is to find!
We need Your love to stay alive,
we need it to progress;
Your love, Lord Jesus, to convict,
protect us and to bless!"

Do you have need of the love of Jesus?  There are only two kinds of people:

1)   Those who need His love
2)   Those who need His love and won't admit it!

Please do not neglect the perfect love of Jesus!


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