Saturday, May 23, 2015


Another wonderful evening. 
Gentle breeze.  Nice temperature.  The song of birds...and the Presence of God!
When the presence of God is within you, each day contains a measure of success...and every moment presents an opportunity to see Him!

So wonderful, the Presence of the Lord!
He causes living be in one accord.
He purposes success along the way,

and makes Himself to be upon display!

That which must be done, it is now through...
that which was worn out He makes anew!
He replenishes that which runs low...
His amazing grace we surely know!

And His creation, oh so glorious.

He speaks that which seems so laborious!
All of life responds to His command,
and I am glad to be inside His hand!

And I am glad He is right here with us, joining in our conversation, laughing with us, smiling with us and being so REAL!

I certainly hope that Jesus is as real and accessible in your lives!

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