Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Evening Cry

"Come again, most beautiful Lord Jesus!"
"Come again!!" the depths of me to cry!
We long, oh how we long to be there with You
in that Paradise beyond the sky!
We keep our minds upon Your precious Promise
while our hands be busy with this life,
as, through those hands, You minister to others
to love, encourage, bless and counter strife.

'Come again, most beautiful Lord Jesus!'
this the cry above the battle roar.
With Your Promise we go boldly forward,
but with Your Presence we are freed to soar!
Your hands and feet until that glory Trumpet-
use us as, to You, we fully yield!
All glory, praise and adoration to You,
in Your Blood we are so fully sealed!"

"Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus."
Not just words upon a page from centuries ago, but a living promise to which we cling with expectation!  Are you yearning for that trumpet blast?  It's closer than you think!

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