Saturday, May 30, 2015

Be Encouragement!

Those of us who attend church usually look forward to going there because we receive so much!
There is, however, a give-and-take about serving God.  Yes, He will give you all that you can take, but you must take it and share with others!  (You SHOULD take it and share with others.)
Just look at the preacher...

The One who needs encouragement

is the one who gets involved the most.
Such is a truth to the employee
of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost!
For in the days, obedience
unto the will of God for every life
is the gamut of emotion, yes,
from ecstasy to even grievous strife!
And the latter, it can drag one
down into the depths and there remain!
Oh, but that encouragement,
for it can lift up to the heights again!
Therefore, if you are happy, seek to
share that happiness with someone near,
as, surely, there is one so close
who, that uplifting word, sure needs to hear!
And ye that are involved in that
one thing which stands through all eternity,
Jesus Christ, the Source, He then
is closer than He'll ever, ever be!

Just look at the preacher?  NO!  Got to that preacher and make sure they know just how much you appreciate and love them!  They probably hear more complaints than you can believe.  Let them hear something positive and encouraging OFTEN!


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