Saturday, May 30, 2015

Be Encouragement!

Those of us who attend church usually look forward to going there because we receive so much!
There is, however, a give-and-take about serving God.  Yes, He will give you all that you can take, but you must take it and share with others!  (You SHOULD take it and share with others.)
Just look at the preacher...

The One who needs encouragement

is the one who gets involved the most.
Such is a truth to the employee
of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost!
For in the days, obedience
unto the will of God for every life
is the gamut of emotion, yes,
from ecstasy to even grievous strife!
And the latter, it can drag one
down into the depths and there remain!
Oh, but that encouragement,
for it can lift up to the heights again!
Therefore, if you are happy, seek to
share that happiness with someone near,
as, surely, there is one so close
who, that uplifting word, sure needs to hear!
And ye that are involved in that
one thing which stands through all eternity,
Jesus Christ, the Source, He then
is closer than He'll ever, ever be!

Just look at the preacher?  NO!  Got to that preacher and make sure they know just how much you appreciate and love them!  They probably hear more complaints than you can believe.  Let them hear something positive and encouraging OFTEN!


Friday, May 29, 2015

Outer Space

Late at night...far enough away from civilization to realize darkness.  There, above and all around,

Into the expanse so vast
on this eve, mine eyes I cast.
The magnitude of such to be
most overcoming unto me!
And, in my insignificance,
I cry out to His Eminence.
His Presence then to so enshroud
in silence that is very loud!

And, as if in child's play,

dot-to-dot through Milky Way,
the planets, in a sentry, guard
the further vision of a bard!
I marvel as they glisten fair,
and I inhale the mountain air
that is upon the blessed night
beneath the canopy of sight!

The wonder and the splendor of God!  His glory evidenced in His vast creation!  Try and find a place where there be no glow of development and behold that which is only seen in darkness!


Thursday, May 28, 2015

On the Road

One of my favorite things in the world to do  was to behold the glory of God's handiwork as I drove to various places around this country.  99% of the time, I looked forward to it with excitement! 
As I listened to others, I decided that
This ribbon that I travel shan't oppress me;
it matters not how far the trek shall be.
With visions 'yond description does He bless me,
like present, each direction that I see.
It's kissed by Him Who is but e'er eternal,
Whose touch restores and beautifies the land!
O look with eyes attune to pristine wonder
and surely you will come to understand!

The rolling hills, the mountains and the valleys
girded with the spectrum of the Spring--
the sweetest of distraction as I travel--
further to encourage me to sing!
So do I unto the Lord and Maker
of all that is and evermore shall be!
Oh, the mighty touch of God the Father--
life unto the very life of me!

These words from long ago are brought to heart once again as I think of all the travelling that my daughter must do for her job.  (And they were written back when I was able to drive!)
The next time you are out for a drive, for pleasure or on business, note the glory of His creation, and give Him thanks that You can see it!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Morning with The King

The sun is almost up.  The birds are already in song.  The coffee pot is calling.  Therefore,
"I will arise and glorify
the mighty King of kings!
I will arise and magnify
the One of which life sings!
I will worship You before
I do another thing,
glorify YOU, Jesus Christ,
for You are EVERYTHING!
You are the One Who tells the sun
what time to shed its light...
You are the One Who teaches birds
to sing with great delight...
You are the One designing every
item in my day...
O You are the One I glorify,
the One to Whom I pray!!

I will arise and You will be
the first One that I meet!
I will converse with You, Lord, and
my day will be complete!
Complete with all success that I
require through the day,
complete because of just awhile
I walked with You to pray!"

What a beautiful start to the morning: being in the Presence of God!
Sure, there are those moments when I stop everything and be with Him.  Nothing else until it's over.  Then there are those times when I am going about the house or office getting everything done while conversing with Him as He walks beside me.
Both are very real.
Both are necessary.
Both are filled with His awesome, beautiful, glorious Presence.  Don't miss a moment of Him!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Just a marker?

Driving through the country, I suddenly come upon a field filled with markers and flags.  It is not an uncommon sight, but some of the residents therein are quite uncommon!

Rows and rows of crosses-
not one without respect.
Graveyards--some without location--
what should we expect?
Walking slowly through them,
such gratitude to build...
o let me not forget the fact
that, for me, they were killed.

Silence for a moment?
Reverence, so brief?
But honor should be constant,
and gratitude be chief!
Not one to be 'anonymous,'
for each be known to God
to whom each be committed
as we, their lives, applaud!

Just a cross to symbolize?
A marker in some place?
Unless we call each one to heart
we each be a disgrace!
We savor freedom every day--
freedom THEY have earned!
See to it that true gratitude
unto them be returned!

Driving through the country...not always.  For there are graveyards everywhere that contain those who have passed in service to this great nation.  May they each receive due honor.

Saturday, May 23, 2015


Another wonderful evening. 
Gentle breeze.  Nice temperature.  The song of birds...and the Presence of God!
When the presence of God is within you, each day contains a measure of success...and every moment presents an opportunity to see Him!

So wonderful, the Presence of the Lord!
He causes living be in one accord.
He purposes success along the way,

and makes Himself to be upon display!

That which must be done, it is now through...
that which was worn out He makes anew!
He replenishes that which runs low...
His amazing grace we surely know!

And His creation, oh so glorious.

He speaks that which seems so laborious!
All of life responds to His command,
and I am glad to be inside His hand!

And I am glad He is right here with us, joining in our conversation, laughing with us, smiling with us and being so REAL!

I certainly hope that Jesus is as real and accessible in your lives!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

At His Will

Seasons once more change...
happenings so strange...
ordered, though, ordained-
for God is NOT restrained!

So beautiful again the year
and the living signs!
Unto glorifying God
the truest heart resigns!
Almighty, the Creator of
such overwhelming sights;
the wonder of the one aware,
in God alone, delights!

The wonder of the seasons,
the glory of it all!
Know the One Who orders it-
unto Him freely call!

What a blessing to walk with God, hand-in-hand, through His creation.  What a blessing to behold the nuances of Him as He changes the seasons.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

True love

"'Til death do us part..."
Of course, we hear that in a majority of wedding vows, but how many people cling to that?   If I expect my wife to keep her part of the agreement, then I surely better give her something worth clinging to!

What happened to the one I
fell in love with years ago...
that caring, loving, funny person
that I used to know?
Rather, where's that charming one
with whom THEY fell in love?
Both of them, for they remain-
just ask the Lord above!
For He knows where they are and all
that happened on the way.
Greater, He knows how to restore-
the things to do and say!
Turn to Him. Call to Him.
Get down upon your knees!
He will show you what is needed,
once again, to please.

It took two to arrive here,
it takes two to advance.
Trust in Jesus Christ TOGETHER,
true love to enhance!

We all have loved ones and dear ones that have had relationships that did not work out.  For years, I saw and heard of my friends or family that have gone through a nasty separation.  It always angered or hurt me until I started being a person that they would come to and discuss the situation.  We are all quick to pick sides in an argument, when in reality both sides have issues that must be dealt with.  Sure, there are situations that are blatantly one-sided, but MOST just have misunderstandings or issues that they just don't know how to resolve.
If you are there right now, try to resolve this with just the Three of you: both of you and Jesus.  He is usually all you ever need to get over things and move on.  But it takes HONESTY...something that terrifies some folks!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Lose the drama!

If you let it, this life can really get to you.
If you let them, people in this life can really affect the way you live!
But if you let Him, Jesus can help you to get through those situations and continue at His pace upon the Narrow Way!

O take me to that place where I

can thrive despite the pain.
Where memories produce no anger,
place me and sustain.
I need the freedom that I had
before this deed was done;
I need to strictly follow the
example of His Son!

Jesus told me how to live
beyond the pain and hurt.
He even gave examples so
that I remain alert!
He even gives me opportune
to cast it all His way;
He even knows my heart when I
do not know what to say.

I need to go to that place for
myself and not another
to obtain His healing, yes,
and cling to Christ, my brother!
He is above the drama, He's
the Truth, the Life, The Way;
and He is mine own escort, yes,
unto that healing day!

Stay in His Word.  Obey His commands.  Walk in His very steps to know the success and advancement that He has purposed for your life!  All you must do is follow His lead!


Sunday, May 17, 2015

Memorial again

How far removed from warfare until
memories erase?
The carnage...the explosions...
the horror one to face...
But this day be unknown to them,
the heroes who gave all;
since they no longer may reflect,
it is US that must recall!
We must recall their names,
with gratitude for every one!
We must recall their exploits,
giving thanks for what they've done;
we must recall the history
that's come due to their part;
we must recall them unto God,
that He contains their heart!

Far removed from warfare,
but not removed from life-
the many brave and honorable
who bore this nation's strife!
Giving all that they could give-
once more, we give our thanks
to each locale and every branch,
each and all their ranks!

Every one of us has someone, somewhere that has lost their life in service to these United States.  Thank you, and our prayers and hearts go out to you.  May God rest their souls, and comfort you, too.
In HIS Service,

The Wilderness

All of us have been there.
All of us contain areas that yet be considered 'wilderness.'
Who and what will you allow there?

Into the wilderness
where God, alone, may bless;
He knows what to expect
the world to interject.

The wilderness be this day-
reality gone wild!
I realize just how protected
I was as a child!
That which I was taught since I
am ever to recall-
the same, it is a question now,
and 'relative' is all?

The wilderness between the ears,
and deep within the chest.
Gone be that which God ordained,
commanded us and blessed?
Inside the fabric be the knowledge,
and in black and white!
We must return to HIS own Word,
and bring to HIM delight!!

Regardless of the "feeling,"
God exists and He remains.
We must obey His Word and ways
to steer clear of the pains!
Release Him to that wilderness
that is your heart and mind,
do that so pleasing unto Him
and favor you will find!

Are there areas of your life that you prohibit God from?  You already know the answer to that.  So does He.  Are you missing out on blessings by holding on to something far inferior?
"Good" is the enemy of "the Best!"  Don't be embezzled!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Jesus The Promise!

Jesus Christ The Word.
Do you ever MAKE time to contemplate that?

I'm taken by the promises,

I'm carried by a thought!
I'm so encouraged by the words
that Jesus Christ has got!
He, the Living Word of God,
has so much for this man--
all because, for EVERY life,
He has the perfect plan!

How wonderful, the promises
mine every step to guide!
How glorious that Christ, Himself,
for He is on my side!
So alive be every Page
one at a time to turn--
more Jesus Christ alive,
so freely may I learn!

Jesus, Jesus--come to free us,
come to love us so!
Come as man so every man,
the Father's love, could know!
Jesus, Jesus...every page,
each truth to come alive--
truths for to assure us that,
in Heaven, we'll arrive!

Jesus, Jesus...the ONLY way to Heaven, the ONLY way to Father God.
What a blessing it is to have open access to Jesus Christ!  We are so blessed!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Joy of Life!

"O thank You, God, for healing me-
the comfort, the relief!
The presence of Your mighty touch,
the absence of the grief!
The presence of Your perfect love
to see to mine each need...
O thank You, Lord, for healing me-
alive to be the bleed!

So alive and, yes, alive,
Your exclusive touch!
So living, everything You've done,
for us...who knows how much?!
So living and alive Your Presence
in our lives each day!
"Oh thank You God for healing me..."
it's not enough to say!

O thank You God, You are so good,
and there is none like you.
O help me to display You, Lord,
in all I say and do!
For You are worthy of my life,
mine each and every breath!
I celebrate You as I live, Lord,
by the words "thus saith..."

Man promises many things...

This world promises many things...
Jesus promises many things...
The only difference?  JESUS DELIVERS!  Jesus makes good on His word.  Trust Him.  Cling to Him and learn to live dependent upon His Word...He will NEVER fail you!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Who I am!

Great and mighty God.  I am related to Him because of Jesus Christ!

Who am I to know such wealth?

Who am I to know such wealth?
I am a child of the King-
to most remaining stealth!
He is so loving and so real,
and He owns everything!
He gives it to the ones He wills,
such favor He to bring!

Who am I to know such favor?
But I am His own!!
By His ways--so high above--
is this man to be known!
Integrity--so far above--
relationship--bar none!
Who am I to know such wealth?
I am His very son!!

THE King calls me His Own!!

The most powerful One of all time communes with me and directs my path.
Because I deserve it?  Because I am better than anyone else?  NO WAY!  It's because of what Jesus did then and what grace does now!
Great and mighty God.  I am related to Him because of Jesus Christ!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Evening Cry

"Come again, most beautiful Lord Jesus!"
"Come again!!" the depths of me to cry!
We long, oh how we long to be there with You
in that Paradise beyond the sky!
We keep our minds upon Your precious Promise
while our hands be busy with this life,
as, through those hands, You minister to others
to love, encourage, bless and counter strife.

'Come again, most beautiful Lord Jesus!'
this the cry above the battle roar.
With Your Promise we go boldly forward,
but with Your Presence we are freed to soar!
Your hands and feet until that glory Trumpet-
use us as, to You, we fully yield!
All glory, praise and adoration to You,
in Your Blood we are so fully sealed!"

"Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus."
Not just words upon a page from centuries ago, but a living promise to which we cling with expectation!  Are you yearning for that trumpet blast?  It's closer than you think!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Jesus' love!

Ah...the love of Jesus...

"Your love is like the dew upon the roses...
Your love is NOT!  For dew, it disappears.
Your love is like the stones and precious metals...
but Your love will NEVER leave us in arrears!
Your love, it cannot be compared as we know,
because your love, it never fluctuates!
You are God...Holy Ghost...Lord Jesus...
so constantly, Your love, it generates!

Your love, oh Lord, is perfect,
so patient and so blind;
Your love, it is forgetful-
every person is to find!
We need Your love to stay alive,
we need it to progress;
Your love, Lord Jesus, to convict,
protect us and to bless!"

Do you have need of the love of Jesus?  There are only two kinds of people:

1)   Those who need His love
2)   Those who need His love and won't admit it!

Please do not neglect the perfect love of Jesus!


Saturday, May 2, 2015

Perfect timing!

I just got a phone call from someone that we have been praying for.  Awhile back, there was a massive layoff at his company.  In his concern, he called and asked that we join them in prayer about it.  He just called with the answer to those prayers...

"Once again, Lord, You provide,

Your timing is so right!
'Your ways are not our ways,' oh Lord,
but in Yours we delight!
That which we had need of, the
desires of the heart,
in that perfect moment, Lord,
unto us You impart!

Thank You for Your touch that brings
the healing we require...
Thank You for confirmation, Lord,
You know each desire...
Thank You for that phone call with
that job that we were needing...
in ALL that is about us, Lord,
thank You for interceding!

O Lord, You are so good to us,

and great is Your supply!
You are in control, therefore,
it's senseless asking 'Why?'
Thank You, thank You, Jesus, Jesus,
all-in-all are You!
These gifts, they come out of Your hand
on time, not overdue!"

Not only did he get a new job, but one that gave him the hours he wanted, the days off he needed, and the money was right. 

I have learned that we don't lose something or have something taken away unless God has something better to replace it with.  He has certainly proven that in our lives, and we see Him do it in the lives of those who belong to Him!