Wednesday, April 8, 2015

You Love Him, too!

I love Him so...I love Him so!
This great God that I surely know
He takes such perfect care of me--
He knows the things I cannot see!
He has tomorrow in His palm.
Thus only He can bid me calm
when just today might overwhelm!
I'm so glad He controls the helm!

I love Him so!  Yes, this is true.
He also has the best for you!
Commit your every step to Him,
and He'll direct each one of them.

Verses so simple...words so wise.  No matter what is happening in your life, it will be more peaceful if Jesus is your Lord and Savior!
Knowing Him will not stop every trial and pain, but you won't go through it alone: you'll got through them with The One Who knows what is beyond it all!
Isn't that comforting?

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