Tuesday, April 28, 2015

You are wanted!

Jesus wants you.
Though He is King and owns everything, He still wants you!

Upon eternal Throne, He reigns!

We serve Him with a song!
Upon the billowed clouds He rides,
so mightily along!
Upon creation does He look,
His eye, it cannot miss!
Upon the heart of man He leans-
do not pass over this!

There He is!  See him in
His splendor, in His awe!
Here He comes!  Receiving those
in whom He finds no flaw!
There He goes!  Taking them
to Paradise eterne!
Will you be of that number going
when Christ does return?

See Him in His majesty

and give to him your soul!
Make sure that you hold nothing back,
give Him complete control!
He can do much more with you
than this life ever could!
He is loving...He is giving...
oh yes, HE IS GOOD!

Jesus Christ has everything.  He owns it all.

Jesus is more beautiful and glorious than anything we can imagine.
However, even though He has it all, Jesus Christ still wants you.  He desires you!
Invite Him to be your Savior today.  Be His and know His awe and spectacle.
You are wanted!

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