Friday, April 3, 2015

What "Good?"

So many events today.
So many painful memories for us.
So much anger over what has been done to Him!!

After all He said to us

I can't believe He's gone!
The Kingship...His eternal reign...
the vows go on and on.
He suffered all throughout the week-
torture...beatings...the Cross...
Now He's secure inside the grave-
so great, so great a loss!

How could He be not here with us-

so mighty and so wise?!
Surely He could have escaped
the ones who yet despise!!
the crowds cry out in rage!
I guess He wasn't quite THE Ruler...
turn another page...

Arrested in the garden...

betrayed with a kiss...
tortured for His silence-
no detail would He miss.
Going through it all with all
of mankind on His mind?
Going through it all that only
ONE WAY man could find?

So hard to grasp that He's not here.

His power was so very clear!!
The torture...pain...and now the Cross...
"My God, my God, what massive loss."

What massive loss. 

The One Who taught us so much...
The One Who said He would lead us...
The One Who told us to follow Him and we would have He has no life!
What are we going to do?

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