Wednesday, April 22, 2015

THE Way of Life!

Integrity.  It is the way we MUST live. 
Everything we do has results...for better or for worse.
No matter what we do, we will have to answer for it. 
No matter how we obtain something, we will have give account of it.

"You know what is best for us,
You want the best, as well.
So many things inside our day-
but one RIGHT way to tell!
You have our steps ordained, oh Lord,
You have a perfect path,
and we ALL know a way also
that will incur Your wrath!

'Oh Father, what is best for us,'
make such our lone desire!
With Your Spirit living deep,
I have to not inquire!
But I must deny myself,
Your Cross to take, each day,
if I should stay the Straight and Narrow,
settled on The Way!

Regardless who we are or what position we hold, the same rules of integrity apply to us all.  The closer we are to God, we realize that the size of the issue does not matter, our actions do.  It can be the smallest thing, even insignificant to man, but God saw it, and He wants the best for us.
Are our thoughts and deeds reaping what is best for us?

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