Wednesday, April 22, 2015

THE Plan so real! real.  Jesus Christ is so real that He affects every part of living!  My motives...all are based on one single question that has affected the globe: "What would Jesus do?"

Jesus, Jesus, oh so mighty,

loving and so real,
Your reality in this life
I cannot conceal!
You are so good, You are so great,
so generous and true,
I go about the day, Lord, knowing
I am led by You.

There is purpose when I cannot

see it with my eyes...
there is reason, though it may
come as complete surprise!
And even if I never know
the reason for a thing,
You make sure that glory comes
of what this world may bring.

I do not understand...again...

but I know that You do!
Continue, I, therefore to yield
my living unto You!
For You, Lord, can accomplish more
than this man ever can;
I follow Your direction and
I celebrate Your Plan!"

Because I belong to Him, there is one other question that affects my daily life, "How will Jesus use what I am about to do or go through?"

For those of you that may have your arms in the air wondering about what's going on, start looking for ways that God can use your situation.  He may be just around the next corner!

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