Monday, April 13, 2015

So busy

The very first thing I should be doing each day is spending time with the Lord and finding out what He wants me to do.  Ideally.  Sometimes, I start something small "just to get it out of the way" and then go pray.  Sometimes, I realize around late afternoon that my morning prayer time is still waiting...

"My Lord, here am I finally,
the day is fairly spent.
I had so much to do in town,
with me, Lord, You went.
So many folks to talk with, Lord,
You waited for Your turn-
Now here we are, just You and I...
when am I going to learn?

Your patience is so beautiful-
You speak to me always;
You communicate with me
in oh so many ways;
You direct me even when
I come, Lord, only now!
You fellowship yet with me freely-
o blessed be Your vow!"

Finally with Jesus, not
a thing to interrupt.
I know that I shall be restored
after we have supped!
All the day together we
in all that I have done;
but now the most significant:
"Thy will, oh Lord, be done!"

Surely God has your steps ordered.  There is so much to do in so many ways that we could spend our entire day doing good things.  We can't let those good deeds, however, distract us from that which is MOST valuable: time with God!

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