Saturday, April 4, 2015

Saturday Night

What a week!
Seven days of things happening so far out of the norm that even the finest writer could not compose...
Saturday night.  The One we loved so dearly went through a week that no man could survive!!  Tomorrow will be three days.  He said on several occasions that He would rise on the third day.  Is it only now that we pay attention?

Streets and byways quiet-
is there expectation?
So many things He caused upon
this city and this nation!
Now, He said that He will rise-
do ANY understand?!
Just in case, a sentry at
His tomb has taken stand.
Is it for a purpose?
Is it even real?!
The fact that He was tortured and
He hung there...who can feel!
We heard His words so living,
His stories, told with love;
Took we each of His provision
summoned from above;
He seemed to look into our eyes
and see what no one could!
And now He is inside the tomb?
Are 'memories' any good?!
But memories are all we have
until the morrow come,
then, the mysteries He was,
then to know the sum!!

Streets and byways quiet...
empty avenues...
but still abuzz with Who He was
and so much other news!

I can't imagine the emotions that the disciples (and the residents!) went through and were feeling the night before.  How would you feel?  Put yourself there, unaware of "the rest of the story," and imagine their pain...their fear...their excitement...

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