Saturday, April 11, 2015

New Life!

Early Spring day...perfect temperature.  "Spring cleaning" is over...Spring "projects" remain.
Yesterday, we spoke about "giants."  We all have them in our lives, and they differ amongst us each.  Today, my wife faced several of the giants in her life...AND WON!!  Too, I must say, the results of that victory are quite beautiful!

Beautiful, the Spring;
so new be everything!
Visions to command
by what she's done by hand!
The landscape--her design!
Her strength...her arms...not mine!
Her strength?!  Nope!  Father God--
and His ways we applaud!

"Her progress--THANK YOU, LORD!
So much have You restored!
And freely do You share
what NEVER has been there!
So blessed, oh God; You bless!
Your Name do we profess
and victory we see
as You heal such as we!"

Today, my wife overtook several of the giants that have been harassing her.  What she accomplished may seem very minor to some, but if you have not been capable of it for several years, it is a MAJOR victory!

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