Friday, April 24, 2015


What’s after me.
What gifts remain
that will sustain?
Will that remain for which I am famous…or infamous?
Two children of my own…but how many individuals have I influenced?
A boy and a girl.  No, a man and a woman.  Successful adults.  But are there any other adults that look up to me?
Legacy.  Each of us has one, whether we are attempting to or not.  Every one of us affect this life for better or for worse.
What legacy have you created?
What legacy are you creating?
What legacy will you leave?

Dad is gone.  Physically.  I remember some of the things that he would rather forget, but 99% of the memories I have of him are things that I yet grow from and bless others with!
The memories others have of him continue to help them with something.
Legacy: one man affecting so many in positive ways.  What a legacy!
Daddy’s gone.  Really?!  No way!  Daddy is in our hearts, in our thoughts and in all that we do…constantly! 


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