Monday, April 6, 2015


"I call Your Name and You respond-
You are so very great!
Your strength--it is available,
I do not have to wait!
Your Presence--it is right beside,
I never am alone!
You are God, my Father God,
and I'm Your very own!

Wonderful relationship:

Father, Spirit, Son!
Miraculous relationship:
we are, yes, WE ARE ONE!!
It isn't just a monologue
when He and I converse,
it is the greatest dialogue
in all the universe!!

I call Your Name and You are here

with answers on the way!
I look into Your eyes- so very
much do they convey!
What beautiful relationship:
the Trinity and I!
I will promote Your love always
and, of You, testify!"

Yes, I love Jesus! 

Just in case you missed it in those verses, I LOVE GOD AND HE LOVES ME!  He told me so.  He tells me constantly!  And He loves you, too!  He is just waiting to show you how much!
Let Him!

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