Sunday, April 12, 2015


But there is ALWAYS hope, and JESUS is His Name!

Is hope then for the "hopeless..."?

when all, when all seems lost?
But Jesus, He is Hope and He
has fully paid the cost!
Don't worry that you have not much
to give Him in return,
for He asks naught of what we've got!
O when, when will we learn?

"Hopeless" is a state, a feeling,
sometimes a location,
but it is not one "permanent"
with Jesus in relation!
He sees what you just cannot see,
He knows what you do not,
and every step that you will take
already has He got!

Is there, then, a "hopeless?"
Only through our eyes.
Therefore, look ye with the heart,
and cling to His surprise!
There is hope in Jesus ALWAYS,
not just "here and there..."
Embrace Him as Your saving Lord,
and have Hope everywhere!!

The money is running out...but there is hope!
The doctor told us his diagnosis...but there is hope!
I don't feel good today...but there is hope!
Jesus is far and above what we see, think or feel...but He is not above reaching out to you when you call His Name.  That's all it takes to get hope.

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