Saturday, April 18, 2015

Holy Spirit REAL!!

"How come you can have the joy you have with all that is happening...?"
"How can you have that smile with what you are going through...?"
"How can you pray so boldly for them when you are having seizures...?"

I can do all of this by praying

"Holy Spirit, have Your way in me!
again, my heart to cry.
Shake me...move me...break me, too,
allowing me to fly!
No!  Allowing YOU to fly
through my life as I yield;
above all, God the Holy Spirit,
Do not be concealed by
the front I've mastered well...
be not concealed, resulting in
a dear one sent to Hell...
be not concealed by the lies
this world tells at length!
Rather, be that reality
whence we draw life and strength!
And Spirit, let us quench You not
by caring what men think,
but let us boldly go to them
with Jesus, God's ONE Link!
We can only do that in
the boldness and the power
that You are, so alive inside,
as we approach The Hour!"

Holy Spirit...Holy Ghost...THE Spirit...third Person of The Trinity...however you refer to Him, HE IS REAL!  And He is alive and moving inside of the people who allow Him access to live and move and breathe in and through them!!
Are you one of them?

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