Thursday, April 9, 2015


...or so they seem!
So many things in our every day can amount to "giants" if we let them.  But we don't have to!  God is so good to us.  All we must do is call out His Name and He is right there!  Only then can we gain the scope of what is going on and be reminded that no matter how big it seems, God is still bigger and in control!

That situation with a friend...
that bill that's coming due...
that hospital report that's coming
about someone...or you...
there are so very many things
that 'giant' could become!
We must release them unto God

lest 'panic' be the sum!

Giants are in each one's life-
no one is immune!
But they are tamed by God Most High,
the One Who is Triune!
He knows what you can handle,
He knows what you cannot,
therefore, securely in His palm,
your whole life He has got!!

Oh tell to Him your giants,
converse with Him of all!
Then see them through the eyes of God
and see that they are small!
He will tell you...He will show you...
He will give you peace!
Oh, everything about your life,
into His hands release!

Yes, there are GIANTS in this life, but none are greater than the God that loves you more than you can imagine!
Trust Him with ____________.  He can surely handle it!

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